Mattress Matters

How to Find the Right One
Finding the right mattress is like finding the right partner:

  • You spend about a third of your life in bed.
  • It’s a source of comfort.
  • You count on it for support.
  • It’s where special moments come to life, be it popcorn and movies with the kids, breakfast in bed or just chilling with a book.

This makes choosing the right mattress very important. Not only should it give you a comfy night’s sleep, it’s also essential for good health as it keeps your spine properly aligned. To find the right one, you need to understand the four basic points that make up the ideal fit for you.

Four points for a perfect match

Comfort is the way the mattress surface feels against your body. A “plush” mattress usually refers to what you feel when you press down on the mattress surface with your fingers. How comfy a mattress feels largely depends on the upholstery layers, such as cushioning and quilting, as well as your personal preference.
Support refers to how the mattress pushes back to keep your spine in position whilst you sleep. The firmness basically describes how it feels when you lean your weight on the mattress with your knee. Everyone needs support to varying degrees. Without proper support, you could wind up with back pain or muscle tension.
Durability is how long a mattress will provide you with enough support and the comfort you want. This is mainly determined by the quality of its materials and how it is constructed. Generally materials that are more durable tend to be denser and more expensive.
Space is the area you need for a good night’s sleep, which differs from person to person. You need freedom of motion to help you relax and keep you comfortable whilst you sleep, as a healthy person moves between 40 to 60 times a night!

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